myBUZZ smart paging system

What if you could instantly notify your guests’ mobile when their order or table is ready, no matter how far away they are?

Well now you can! 

myBUZZ is an order notification and table wait system, that allows a business to instantly notify their customers, via their mobile, when their table or order is ready.

Our restaurant buzzer is ideal for businesses currently using an order notification system or those who can benefit by implementing one.myBUZZ order notification and table wait system

myBUZZ restaurant buzzer has been designed to save your business time and money by instantly notifying your customers via their mobile. 

myBUZZ app replaces the clunky, costly and unhygienic paging buzzer system you currently see at pubs, clubs and restaurants, with a more cost effective, reliable and customer focused notification system, that enhances a businesses reputation.

This means no more crowded front desks, no more having to replace buzzers, no more running out of pagers and no more having to charge after each service!

Get in touch with a member of the myBUZZ team to find out how you can get started for as low as $83 per month on an annual plan. 

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