Make the switch to myBUZZ restaurant buzzer

myBUZZ replaces the pagers you currently see at pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Pagers are often unreliable due to range issues and charging problems, which can lead to unhappy guests.

This doesn’t include additional costs such as replacement of faulty, lost or stolen pagers, repairs due to breakage and battery replacement maintenance. The list goes on!

Each restaurant pager costs on average $120 to replace. They’re often unreliable due to range issues and charging problems, leading to a negative customer experience. Research shows most businesses have on average 40 buzzers, costing upwards of min 5K per venue. 

With myBUZZ, your business has no need for the disruptive, unreliable and more expensive restaurant pagers prone to being lost or breaking down.

Not only can myBUZZ notify your customers when their order is ready, but myBUZZ also allows you to notify guests when a table becomes available. No more crowded front desks with guests chained to a limited pager signal range or being turned away.myBUZZ restaurant buzzer

With our table wait ability, you can retain those guests you would have otherwise lost, when they couldn’t get a table and buzz them once a table becomes available. Your guests are able to have a drink at the bar, go for a walk or do some shopping while they wait.

When a business switches to myBUZZ they get an immediate 80% in savings over the cost of maintaining a pager system.

Clients of myBUZZ have reported increased profit, reduced venue-operating costs, order limits not set by number of buzzers, clutter free workspace, storage savings and increased customer convenience and freedom!

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