myBUZZ for guests – do you know where your buzzer has been?

Did you know myBUZZ restaurant buzzer offers significant benefits for your customers too!

Whenever we chat to guests and users of the system, there is one thing they all have in common - every individual we have spoken to have all had a bad experience with a pager aka buzzer.

Customers have reported issues, from their buzzer failing and not going off leading to food going cold, finding it a inconvenience to have to carry the buzzer around to how the disruptive they can be! The list goes on! 

With myBUZZ you'll never sit there wondering if your buzzer has failed, because we offer reliability and failure message alert, so you can be sure you'll be notified when your table or order is ready. 

For guests, myBUZZ provides convenience and freedom. The ability to leave the venue and return when you're ready! This is because we replace the out-dated hardware, with a hygienic and portable alternative.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be notified via your mobile, instead of the clunky, inconvenient and unhygienic pager?

myBUZZ is of course free for guests and is available to download now from the Google Play Store and any day now from the App Store!

If you’re a customer – myBUZZ will soon be coming to a venue near you. Get ready and download FREE today.

Don't feel like downloading yet? That's okay - we'll send you a text message when your order is ready or your table becomes available. 

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