No more waiting around

myBUZZ tells you the wait times with our new restaurant buzzer app.

Let’s face it no one likes standing around to wait for a table. You’re hungry, annoyed and let’s be honest you have better things to do with your time than wait around.

Our free app alleviates some of that frustration by telling you upfront how long your wait is! And alerts you when your wait is over.

At myBUZZ we know your time is important and that’s why when you check into a myBUZZ restaurant we’ll let you know your estimated wait time so you can grab a coffee, go for a walk, or do your shopping (the possibilities are endless) with the peace of mind that we’ll buzz you and let you know when your table or food is ready.

Download myBUZZ FREE now for iOS and Android from your Google Play or Apple App store. 

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