10 reasons mobile buzzer apps are better than restaurant pager systems

Restaurant pagers otherwise known as food buzzers or coasters have been around for almost 20 years.

The coaster pager was created in the 90s, and are outdated and just plain costly. They were invented before the iPhone, Facebook, and even Google! Not only are paging systems outdated, but they are also costly and constantly require maintenance or need to be replaced.

It is estimated that 1-2 restaurant buzzers go “missing” each month from a single location. 

Thanks in part to the presence of mobile phones and text messages included in large majority of cell phone plan packages, many restaurants are now making the switch and managing their wait lists with mobile app and text message notifications.

Here are 10 reasons why restaurants are switching from restaurant pagers to mobile and tablet technology-based wait list systems, like myBUZZ restaurant pager app for smartphones and mobile devices:

    1. Save money
      Restaurants can spend up to upwards of $5, 000 in setup fees and an additional $1,2000 per location per year in coaster pager replacement costs. Guests frequently walk out with pagers — on average 2 each month, not to mention pagers that are dropped and broken.
    2. Update processes
      Save on storage, staffing and improve how you run your business. Plus you don't have to charge your buzzers each night! 
    3. Customer analytics
      Gain important insights into your customers, which in-turn feed into your business processes and can save you time and money. Find out important dining trends such as the busiest times, average wait times, customer age and gender, the most popular menu items, the number of guests waiting for a table/take-away at any given time and more!  
    4. Improve your businesses reputation
      By being reliable, we improve your businesses reputation and in turn increase your revenue! 
    5. Enhance customer and guest experience
      There is a big difference between true wait time and perceived wait time. When you tell a guest the wait is 1 hour, that’s a long time to watch the buzzer and wait. Providing them with a notification on their terms, doesn’t change true wait time, but does decrease the perceived wait time and manages your customers' expectations. 
    6. Software VS hardware
      Restaurants pagers are dumb. They don’t know who the customers are or how long they waited. With a tablet-basedapp like ours, you can change quote times based on average wait times, view max wait times, and idenitify repeat guests based on phone number.
    7. Reward loyal customers and build relationships with your customers
      With all this new data pouring in, you can help your host staff identify and acknowledge repeat guests, rewarding loyalty. Something a pager system only dreams of.
    8. Outsourcing your infrastructure
      Why provide guests with a piece of hardware, when nearly 100% of parties have at least 1 per in their group with a piece of hardware in their pockets already? The phone. We also offer both SMS and push notifications! 
    9. Have access to all your information from multiple devices, anywhere, anytime
      Paper lists can be shared which forces you to a single host stand. This works for many restaurants, but yours may be unique. Some restaurants have several entrances and front of house management. With a tablet-based wait list, you can manage all your front desks. Or separate the work at busy locations — have 1 host greet guests while the other notifies them.
    10. Unlimited signal range and guest capacity 
      myBUZZ isn't limiting. When you purchase a set of pagers/coasters, you're limited to that set. When you run out, you have no more to give out. Likewise, if a guest leaves the immediate vicinity they run the risk of not receiving their notification, because they're out of signal range. With myBUZZ you can have an unlimited number of guests in the system at any one point in time, and can buzz people no matter how far away they are. 

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